About NannyTaxTools.com

Nanny Tax guide for parents, by parents

Made by parents, for parents

NannyTaxTools.com is designed to be the a comprehensive resource for anyone that is looking to find and hire a nanny and do so legally.

The beginning

This site came about when I began the process of trying to find a nanny for my two young sons. I could not believe how complicated it seemed to fulfill the legal requirements. Most websites were not much help. The information was scattered, outdated, or just plain wrong. Even worse, most sites are designed to make paying the nanny tax seem impossibly confusing and difficult, in hopes that you would then pay for their expensive payroll services.

There is hope. Finding a nanny and paying the nanny tax is not that difficult if you have a clear guide. This site will take you step-by-step through everything you need, from start to finish. It will take some time and effort, but relax, it’s nothing you can’t handle.

About the NannyTaxTools team

We are a team of young professionals living in Austin, Texas. We are life long “do-it-yourself-ers”, especially when it comes to finances. We are not trained lawyers (thankfully, but we do have a CPA helping out), so you, the reader, assume all responsibility and liability for any actions you take based on guidance from this site. But unlike a lawyer, our advice is free. However, we have studied US Household Employer Tax law, and we use the actual laws as a direct source for everything on this site. We have personal experience performing everything discussed on this site, so rest assured we will not lead you astray.

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