Nanny Tax Calculators

Nanny Tax calculator

Calculations made easy.

Need to calculate your nanny taxes or to create a pay stub for your nanny?

Nanny Tax Payroll Calculator

Want to see how much the nanny taxes really cost? Need to calculate your nanny’s total wages and tax withholdings to create a W-2? This tax calculator will neatly break down how much is due to your nanny, the IRS, and your State each pay period and will provide a year end rollup for all tax reporting purposes. The print-ready format makes it easy to keep records.

Pay Stub Calculator

Looking for an easy way to create a pay stub for your nanny? Just enter a few details and you’ll have an easy to print pay stub with all tax withholdings automatically calculated.

Hourly and Overtime Rate Calculator

When agreeing on a salary, it is important to list an hourly wage in order meet federal guidelines. Calculate an hourly and overtime pay rate based on your nanny’s weekly gross salary and hours worked. The calculator checks the rate against your State’s minimum wage and provides language suitable for a work agreement or contract.