How to hire a nanny

Hiring a nanny

Hiring a nanny make simple

Learn more about the steps you should take when hiring a nanny.

The work of hiring a nanny begins

Unfortunately, the work involved in hiring a nanny is not over when she accepts your offer of employment. There are several required steps you must take. A summary of each step is provided below with links that will bring you to specific pages that describes all of the things you must do in greater detail.

The nanny hiring process

  1. Find a nanny.
  2. Create a suitable nanny contract.
  3. Ensure your nanny can legally work in the United States by filling out a Form I-9.
  4. Have your nanny fill out a W-4 to determine her withholdings.
  5. Make a simple time sheet to track your nanny’s hours.
  6. Create pay stubs with the nanny pay stub calculator.
  7. Get an employer ID number from the IRS.
  8. Report the hiring of your nanny to your State.
  9. Research the worker’s compensation insurance requirements for your State.
  10. Determine your State’s unemployment insurance requirements.
  11. Plan how you will make your required nanny tax payments.


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