Nanny Taxes Made Simple

Looking to legally hire and pay a nanny? Our free guide will lead you through each step of the process for you 2016 taxes and get you set for 2017.

If you have a nanny, you probably owe payroll taxes

By paying as little as $2,000 in wages over the course of the year, you are legally required to pay a collection of taxes commonly known as the nanny tax.

You can do it all yourself, simply and inexpensively

There is no need to worry – legally hiring a nanny does not have to be difficult or excessively costly. Don’t let fear drive you to hire an expensive payroll service company or try to get away with “paying under the table”. This site will guide you step-by-step through the process and show you ways that tax credits can help offset the added expense. Not persuaded? Then check out all the reasons why you should legally pay your nanny and the resulting taxes.

Where to start

There are several good ways to begin:

  1. Jump straight to your specific tax situation, with the nanny tax payroll calculator.
  2. Check out the quick (and printable) nanny tax checklist for a summary of each step.
  3. Get some background on what the nanny taxes actually are.
  4. Or use the navigation menu above to jump to the topic you need