New Hire Reporting Requirements

Watching for new hire reporting deadlines

Check the calendar so you don’t miss reporting deadlines for your new nanny.

You must report the hiring of your nanny to your State. Learn how to do it here.

The requirements for nannies

The new hire reporting requirements were established for two primary reasons: 1) to help the government track down individuals who are delinquent in paying child support, and 2) to prevent fraudulent unemployment and worker’s compensation payments.

The law requires that all new hires (including rehires) be reported to your State agency within 20 days of the date of hire. However, a handful of States lowered the deadline to as little as one week. The federal penalty for not reporting new hires is a fine of $25 per employee. However, if the employer and employee conspire together to not file the report, the fine is $500. States will typically not impose penalties if you report an employee after the deadline, so if you hired your nanny more than 20 days ago, don’t hesitate to report the hire right away.

While some States have developed a custom form, all are required to accept a form W-4. Most States allow you to submit your report online at their website.

Information you will need

To properly fill out the hire reporting forms, you will need to know:

Nanny not have a social security number?

Your nanny is required to have a social security number. If your nanny does not, then he or she will need to apply for one. There is no cost for your nanny to obtain a SSN. The Social Security website provides all the information your nanny will need. The Social Security application form can be downloaded here. If your nanny is not a US citizen, he or she can find additional information about obtaining a SSN here.

Link to your State

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